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1. Connection IDs and Authorized IPs

In the example below you can find the list of ConnectionID and Authorized IPs. Every IP that is uniqu for your account has an unique Connection ID. Connection ID is generated automnatically when you add an authorized IP by following the steps described below. We will define a ConnectionID and an IP as an entity.

Every entity may be activated or deactivated, modified or deleted. Inactive entities will refuse all connections received. For security reasons you cand set to automatically deactivate an entity on a number of failed authentications.

Each entity may call a link for delivery receipes, on your server. That link will be caled using HTTP / HTTPS GET a request. More details about delivery receipes can be found at the respective chapter.

Continue your implementation: Configure SMS Gateway

2. Adding a ConnectionID and an Authorized IP

In the example above you have the image of the form used to add a ConnectionID and an Authorized IP. The Connection ID field is generated automatically and is unique in our systems. The IP reffers to numeric IPv4 address, and NOT to the hostname of the server wher your application is hosted.

The password mus be 6 characters long and is case sensitive. It is important to have a strong password in order to make sure that SMS Gateway is not accessed by third parties. This password will be set in your application one time, so you do not need to reuse it.

At this step you can also define to deactivate SMS Gateway, if there are a number of failed authentifications. It is strongly recommended to use this option in order to prevent any brute force authentification. By using this option you will be notified automatically by e-mail when there were failed authentifications and you may change your password in minutes.

Delivery receipe is optional and can be activated to be sent using GET method to a link on your server. SMS Gateway will send to this link detailed information about the status of the sent SMS. More details about delivery receipes can be found at the respective chapter.

Continue your implementation: Configure SMS Gateway

3. General notifications setup

You may set what notifications you want to receive on your e-mail address from SMS Gateway. Also other settings and options may be changed at this step in order to fully customize your SMS Gateway.

Continue your implementation: Configure SMS Gateway

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